A4 Canvas Frame

R57,00 - R65,55 inc.VAT

A4 Canvas Frame (300mm x 200mm)

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Our Canvas frames are made from superwood and are CNC machined for accuracy and appeal time and time again. These frames are then solidly bolted together for a strong and durable finish. These frames are also available flat packed for easy and compact in store storage, long distance delivery and export as well as simple and effective courier. This unrivaled quality and precision comes at an affordable and very competitive price but offers so much more to your customers.

A3 Frames are a popular frame choice. These frames are also cost effective when doing more than one canvas that fit together or for smaller areas of the home. These frames prove to still be high impact designs but don’t limit you to only one canvas per wall.

New to Canvas Printing? Not a problem! We offer Canvas Printing and stretching Training. Call 011 822 3550 to find out more and book your training session.

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